TSM4VE – Request for enhancement is submitted

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Regarding this previous post (“TSM4VE – lacks support for multiple vCenters?“), I eventually submitted a support call (RFC) at IBM with one very simple question: is TSM4VE or will TSM4VE be capable of connecting to more than 1 vCenter machine simultaneously, now or in the future?

By that, I mean not just the ability to backup and restore between different vCenters, but really support multiple vCenters, in an intuitive, easy and manageable way. So you can easily backup and restore a VM between them. Just for one machine. Or, when in a DR or HA situation (when failing over to a different vCenter, and for some reason one must rely on the existing TSM backup) multiple VM’s. This functionality would be very helpful. As stated before, Competitive software, like Quest (formerly VizionCore) vRanger Pro and Veeam Backup & Replication does have stated support for a multiple vCenters setup.

After a while, the answer came back from TSM level 2 support. They told me it was discussed with the developers and came to this conclusion:

“At this time we can *only* connect to one vCenter at a time (i.e. the web service) via the VMware vStorage API. But it is possible…<text omitted>”

Sure that’s possible – see the previous post “TSM4VE – backup and restore a VM between different vCenters” for more details on that. But really, this feels like a workaround.

So it’s simply not there now or somewhere on the road map. Things could be changed and I was requested to log a Request for enhancement – which I did today. The RFE ID is 22618.

If you find my request for this added functionality useful, than please let IBM know as well and vote or comment on the RFE:

—-Tommy Hueber

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